ARKive image GES018206 – Mexican redleg tarantula
ARKive image GES018206 - Mexican redleg tarantulaG Pulchripes 01b. albicepsG Rosea 03

Beginner Starter Kit

R 180.00

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This kit includes the following:
-1x tarantula (choose one tarantula from the list below)
-1x small tank (70x70x70)
– live food
-1x peat small
-1x Gel

Choose any of the following tarantulas
– Golden red rump 1cm
– Chaco golden knee 2cm
– Mexican True Red Leg 1.5cm
-Chilean Rose 2cm

Additional Information

sling of your choice

Golden red rump 1cm, Chaco golden knee 2cm, Mexican True Red Leg 1.5cm, Chilean Rose 2cm


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