04 May

Frisky Spiders Episode 2 – B. boehmei #video

Mr and Mrs Fireleg had their fires kindled, and the sparks flew!

In another saucy episode of Frisky Spiders, you can see the tapping ritual beforehand and then the unbridled passion (well, until things are about to get nasty).

At the end, you’ll notice that he bends her backwards. Normally when they mate they are on the same level. The reason being is that when he bends her backwards he also pushes her backwards (that makes her fall), giving him enough time to run for his life.
We’ve intervened, sparing his life by putting a plastic container on her. But, love sick as he is he wanted more, and tapped on her plastic cage for at least another 15 minutes.

They are such awesome animals!

02 May

SOS2 Annual Reptile expo

Don’t forget about the biggest annual reptile expo this year.

Rozzer’s Tarantulas will be there with various items for sale and who knows, maybe there will be a surprise! Come by the stall and say hi.

We are looking forward in seeing you all there!

The expo is at Emperor’s palace on the 10th and 11th of May.



Rozzer's Tarantulas Banner

Rozzer’s Tarantulas Banner