25 Jun

Used glass Tanks for sale

We have about 40 tanks for sale. Prices ranging from R10 to R90.
Collection only.

Email Rozanne at rozanne.schnetler@gmailcom if interested.
We are based in Westdene JHB close to Melville





08 Jun

Education Pack for your Child

Teach your child responsibility and some Biology. Science is a very important factor in everyday life.




Tarantulas doesn’t need a lot of attention and caring for them is not difficult. They don’t even have to be handled at all! They actually prefer to be watched from the the side of the glass tank. The species in the Beginner starter kit that we supply can all be handled with ease. They are friendly and non venomous.




Seeing the spider grow from a tiny little dot, into a big fluff ball is very rewarding. Tarantulas stop eating a couple of days before they lay on their backs to molt. A brand new and bigger tarantula emerges from its exoskeleton.


For more information on how to take care of your tarantulas. CLICK HERE

The Beginner starter kit contains the following (R150):              wpid-unnamed-21.jpg.jpeg
-1x tarantula (choose one tarantula from the list below)
-1x small tank (70x70x70)
-50x tiny meal worms
-1x peat small
-1x Gel

Choose any of the following tarantulas
– Chilean rose 2cm
– Chaco golden knee 2cm
– Mexican Red Knee 1.5cm
– Mexican True Red Leg 1.5cm

To order your starter kit. Click here

For those of you that are too scared of an actual live tarantula, we have some  tarantula slippers for you! Click here



 Then for the Pro-collectors, here we have some specials:

Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornamental) WAS R180 NOW R90. Click here

Nhandu carapoensis (Brazilian Red Tarantula) WAS R180 NOW R90. Click here

Pinkfoot Goliath Tarantula (Theraphosa apophysis) WAS R1500 NOW R1300. Click here

Pokie Collectors Combo WAS R500 NOW R300. Click here

Malaysian earthtiger (Cyriopagopus schioedtei) WAS 300 NOW 220 Click here

Thrixopelma ockerti (Peruvian Flame Rump) WAS 180 NOW 150 Click here

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue) WAS 250 NOW 130 Click here

Here are some much needed accessories:

Feeding Tongs 30cm- Click here

wpid-unnamed-16_1.jpg.jpegMicroscope 45x Magnification. Click here

wpid-imag0433_1.jpgHeat pads  Click here

Heat pad - 150x200mm