03 Aug

Go Big or Wait it Out.

Why wait two to three years before your tarantula matures and turns out to be the male that you didn’t want. It’s best to buy a confirmed female which will last you much longer than a male. Here we have a few exquisite ladies for sale: The pictures represents the actual tarantula:


10cm Purple bloom- Pamphobeteus machala. CLICK HERE


 14cm Cobalt blue- Haplopelma lividum CLICK HERE


12cm Mexican True Red Leg- Brachypelma emilia CLICK HEREwpid-imag1961_1.jpg
 12cm Chilean rose- Grammostola rosea CLICK HERE
wpid-imag1963_1.jpg 15cm Green Bottle Blue- Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens CLICK HERE (SOLD)

C cyaneopubescens 02

12cm Pink Zebra Beauty- Eupalaestrus Campestratus CLICK HEREwpid-imag1967_1.jpg
 15cm Bahai Scarlet Birdeater- Lasiodora klugi CLICK HERE


10cm Tiger rump- Cyclosternum fasciatum CLICK HERE


 Now for those who like their tarantulas sex to be a surprise we have a nice collection of slings for you to choose from:

Acanthoscurria geniculata (Giant White Knee) NEW ONLINE R80 Click here

Avicularia diversipes (Amazon Sapphire) Click here (3 in stock)

Avicularia avicularia- Pinktoe tarantula Click here (2 in stock)

Avicularia versicolor (Antilles pinktoe) Click here (SOLD)

Haplopelma lividum (Cobalt blue) Click here (only 2 in stock)

Psalmopoeus irminia (Venezuelan suntiger) Click here (only 2 in stock))

Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornamental) Click here

Poecilotheria Metallica (Gooty Sapphire Ornamental) Click here

Nhandu carapoensis (Brazilian Red Tarantula) WAS R180 NOW R90. Click here

Pokie Collectors Combo WAS R500 NOW R300. Click here

Malaysian earthtiger (Cyriopagopus schioedtei) WAS 300 NOW 220 Click here

Thrixopelma ockerti (Peruvian Flame Rump) WAS 180 NOW 150 Click here

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue) WAS 250 NOW 150 Click here

Brachypelma auratum (Mexican flame knee) WAS R280 NOW R180 Click here

Psalmopoeus cambrigrei (Trinidad chevron) WAS R80 NOW R60 Click here

These are just some examples of slings we have for sale there are still many more on the online store

Here are some more items that you might be interested:

Lobster Roach Mix R60

lobster roaches

Analog Hygrometer Humidity Meter R80


Foil Heat Pads (R65)
Heat pad - 150x200mm

Heat pad – 150x200mm