09 Feb

Guess who’s Back?


The Cyriopagopus sp. Hati Hati is a relativity new and rare addition to the hobby. They are not easy to get hold of but is a beautiful addition to any collection. Adults have an overall metallic blue/violet sheen to them and they grow very big. They are, however, aggressive and not for beginners. They are arboreal and are extremely fast. So for all the elite collectors. Here is one for you.

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Cyriopagopus albostriatum- Thai zebra

H_albostriatum1h_albostriatum5Cyriopagopus albostriatum, also known as the edible spider or Thai zebra tarantula, is a moderately large fossorial tarantula species from Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia (rainforest areas). This species’s name comes from the Latin Greek prefix albo, meaning white, and the Latin word striatus, meaning lines or striped. This species has white stripes going down each leg, and a white zig-zag pattern on its opisthosoma (abdomen). These patterns on a black background have earned it the common name “Thai zebra tarantula.” This tarantula is very skittish and defensive, although it can also be very aggressive. It is an Old World tarantula and, therefore, has no urticating hairs. So, its only H_albostriatum3defenses are biting and fleeing. This tarantula is known to have venom that is more potent than that of many tarantula species.

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Lampropelma nigerrimum- (Sangihe Black)

L. niggirium nigerrimum029.jpg~originalLampropelma nigerrimum is a medium sized uniform black arboreal tarantula from the subfamily Ornithoctoninae. Differing from the other Lampropelma species in having  short and robust legs and very dense femoral fringes, as well as an apparent lack of tiger pattern on the abdomen in adult females. All in all creating the appearance of a stout jet black fuzzy spider. Only known from one locality on the small Indonesian island Sangihe. Presumed extinct, but rediscovered in November 2007. It’s a WOW looking spider! CLICK HERE


Haplopelma minax- Thailand Big Black

0411_h_minax hminaxc This is an old world species. It’s definitely a good looking one indeed. This species doesn’t “brown-out” prior to its next molt and will keep the nice velvety-black appearance most of the year. H. minax doesn’t like to be under bright light or in the open. It’s a “secretive” tarantula that likes to stay in its burrow except for a few hours a night when it may come out to wait for prey to pass by its burrow. This is not a beginner’s species as they are nervous.

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We have a variety of friendly tarantulas as well:

Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee)

Brachypelma albiceps- Mexican golden red rump

Grammostola rosea- Chilean rose

Brachypelma emilia (Mexican True Red Leg)

Starter kits:


Beginner Starter Kit

Juvenile Starter kit