14 Apr

Food did someone say food?

Want an awesome low maintenance pet. Get one of our tarantula starter kits. Click here

This kit includes the following:
-1x tarantula (choose one tarantula from the list below)
-1x small tank (70x70x70)
– live food
-1x peat small
-1x Gel
Choose any of the following tarantulas
– Golden red rump 1cm
– Chaco golden knee 2cm
– Mexican True Red Leg 1.5cm
-Chilean Rose 2cm

G Pulchripes 01ARKive image GES018206 - Mexican redleg tarantulaG Rosea 03b. aLBICEPS

We also have a new pink toe combo. Click here

1x Antilles pinktoe  (Avicularia versicolor) 1.5cm
1x Pinktoe tarantula (Avicularia avicularia) 1.5cm
1x Puerto Rican Pink Toe (Avicularia laeta) 1.5cm

Avicularia versicolor Antilles pinktoe tarantula, captive-0413 low resavicAvicularia-laeta-510x400


On special the following two weeks are the Lampropelma sp. “Borneo Black“. Click here

borneo black


Food did someone say food? Roaches are a very good source of food for your tarantula and various other exotic pets. We have made up a roach mix that consist of 100 roaches in total. It contains 30 small nymphs, 40 medium and 30 Large roaches so that you have various size roaches for you various size tarantulas. Click here

lobster roaches

So it is getting colder, it good to buy your heat pads now before it gets freezing cold. It is best to put your heat pad on the side of the tank so that your tarantula can regulate its own heat. Here we have heat pads for you to buy. Click here


Heat pad - 200x350mm

Heat pad – 200x350mm

For more tarantulas go to our website: blog.rozzerstarantulas.co.za/shop

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