11 Aug

Gooty Saphire – P. Metallica is back (with friends)

The Gooty (Poecilotheria Metallica) slings are now 4th instar and ready to go.

The first 5 slings are selling for R400 instead of R 450.

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Don’t want to wait ages for you spider to grow big?
We have a couple of colourful larger tarantulas ON SALE.

Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli- Wessel’s Tiger Ornamental. Was R900 Now R750 Click here

Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli Smith 2006, female, India

Brachypelma smithi – Mexican Red Knee. R100 off Click here


Brachypelma boehmei – Mexican Fire Leg. R100 off Click here


Brachypelma vagans- Mexican Red rump- R200 off Click here

B Vagans 01

Red and White bird eater Breeding pair- Was R800 Now R680 Click here

red and white

Nhandu tripepii- Brazilian Giant Blonde. R100 off Click here



Large Roaches. Click here
Tiny Roaches. Click here
Lobster Roach Mix. Click here

We all know not all our spiders are the same size, therefore we mix the roach sizes a bit

30x Large
40x Medium
30x Small

lobster roaches

Meal worms Click here

meal worms

Super worms Click here


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