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We’re sellers of tarantulas based in Hennopsrivier, (close to Centurion or Kayalami). We pride ourselves in helping starters in the hobby of tarantula keeping and also providing a lot of variety for the more discerning clients. We also occasionally take in tarantulas that is in need of a new home.

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You can chat with us via Email: info@rozzerstarantulas.co.za for any information relating to buy  your tarantulas.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. hi there,
    I made a mistake on my order (#1038) as I would need the order delivered to my address. Is it possible to change this on my order or cancel the order.
    Kind regards
    Edward Bartholomew

  2. Wanted to mention this when I got my first shipment of T’s from Rozzers.
    1 heads up, she really packs her T’s well. The slings were wrapped in a soft tissue, then snugly fitted into veils that were just the right size.
    Always something I look at when receiving a Tarantula. How well was it packed.
    Says allot about the dealer.
    Perfectly done there.

  3. So I got my first shipment of T’s from Rozzers.
    Must say I got a bit sacred when I couldn’t find them but was purely because I didn’t think to unravel the tissue all my T’s got to me alive and healthy will always get my T’s from Rozzers low prices plus great service 2 thumbs up on the great work and as said by a previous buyer packed incredible well

    Prefect job looking forward to many more

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