14 Mar

Announcement : Rozzer’s Tarantulas and TarantulaCafé merged

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Rozzer’s Tarantulas have merged with TarantulaCafé!

TarantulaCafé was one of the pioneers in the tarantula hobby (in South Africa and globally) – a familiar sight at all the local expos. It is also the biggest breeder of geckos in South Africa with a great selection of excellent stock. Hendrik Steenberg (owner) is a dear friend of ours – to have his expertise, knowledge and experience with us is a great honour.

We’ll be managing TarantulaCafé’s gecko and tarantula stock from our base in Johannesburg.

What does it mean for Rozzer’s Tarantulas’ customers

The keen pundits on our website would’ve already noticed the added selection of geckos, enclosures, tarantula species and tarantula specimens on our online shop. That is, for Rozzer’s Tarantulas customers you will still get the same fast service, but with more to choose from.

What does it mean for TarantulaCafé’s customers

We welcome the family of TarantulaCafé’s clients wholeheartedly. Your requests will be serviced by us via our online shop and social media presence. The only difference is that your purchases will be shipped from Johannesburg and not Whiteriver.


Thanks again from the TarantulaCafé and Rozzer’s Tarantulas teams to all our customer’s support through the years – you guys are stars!