06 Oct

Black, friendly and beautiful


Some cool tarantulas, that’s what is new!

G.pulcraGrammostola pulchra – Brazilian Black Tarantula, 2cm: R480 (Click here)

dscf3794p receife

Iridopelma sp. Recife – Recife Beauty Tarantula, 2cm: R300 (Click here)


Psalmopoeus reduncus – Orange mouth tree spider, 5cm: R200 (Click here)

b. aLBICEPSb. albiceps

Brachypelma albiceps- Mexican golden red rump, 1cm: R100 (Click here)



Haplopelma lividum- Cobalt blue, 2.5cm: R280 (Click here)

H Formosa 01

Hapalopus Formosus- Pumpkin Patch Tarantula, 1cm : R120 (Click here).

p. fasiata 1

Poecilotheria fasciata – Sri lanka Ornamental, 6cm: R250 (Click here)


Poecilotheria Metallica- Gooty Sapphire Ornamental, 2.5cm: R450 (Click here)


A avicularia

Avicularia avicularia- Pinktoe tarantula, 2cm: R280 (Click here)

More slings for sale

Monocentropus balfouri (Socotra Island Blue Baboon)1.5cm R350 CLICK HERE
Avicularia diversipes (Amazon Sapphire) 2cm R320 (Two left)  CLICK HERE SOLD OUT
Avicularia avicularia (Pinktoe) 2cm R280 CLICK HERE
Chilobrachys dyscolus (Vietnam Blue) 2cm (Only one left) CLICK HERE
Acanthoscurria juruenicola (Brazilian Orange Banded) Only two left CLICK HERE

Good deal slings

Psalmopoeus cambrigrei (Trinidad chevron) R 40 CLICK HERE
Stromatopelma calceatum (Feather leg baboon) R60 CLICK HERE
Brachypelma emilia (Mexican True Red Leg) R50 CLICK HERE
Nhandu carapoensis (Brazilian Red Tarantula) R50 CLICK HERE
Nhandu chromatus 3cm (Brazilian Red and White) R40 CLICK HERE
Cyclosternum fasciatum (Tiger rump) R50 CLICK HERE
Lasiodora parahybana (Salmon pink Birdeater) R60 CLICK HERE

The above lists are only some of the tarantulas that is on the website.
We have plenty more!!
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Some additional news.

Last night we put the two Pink-Toed (Avicularia avicularia) Male and Female together. They mated in less than 5 min.

wpid-imag2507.jpg wpid-imag2509.jpg

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