29 Mar

Crested Geckos For sale

With every gecko you buy you get a free packet of Gecko food


SMALL GECKOS- R350 Click here

SMALL GECKOS- R400 Click here


SMALL GECKOS- R500 Click here

SMALL GECKO- Tailless- R300

Click here


Juvenile tailless- R450 Click here


Juvenile tailless- R500 Click here


Juvenile tailless- R550 Click here


Juvenile Tailed- R700 Click here


Mature Adult males Tailless- R800
Click here


Mature Adult Leopard Females- R450 Click here

04 Oct


We have about 100 used tanks for sale. Prices ranging from R10 to R100.
Collection only.
Don’t buy new, reduce, reuse, recycle.

Email Rozanné at rozanne.schnetler@gmailcom if interested.


We are based in Hennopsrivier centurion or you can collect from Michael at RMB Sandton.







If you dont see the size that you want, contact us as we probably have it and its not listed.




13 Apr

Autumn Specials

Cyriopagopus sp. Hati Hati, 2.5cm
4 LEFT, Was R380 Now R280. Click here

This is a relativity new addition to the hobby.
c hati hati 3 c hati hati 2c hatihati




Cobalt Blue Tarantula – Haplopelma lividum 2cm. SOLD OUT
Was R380 Now R320. Click here

cobalt blue 2

Avicularia sp. “amazonica” 2cm. 5 LEFT
Was R 320 Now R280 Click here
Antilles pinktoe – Avicularia versicolor. 2cm. 4 Left 3 LEFT
R280 Click here
Sangihe Island Black Tarantula Lampropelma nigerrimum
2.5cm, 3 LEFT 2 LEFT. R280 Click here

Brazilian Black – Grammastola pulchra. 2cm. 5 LEFT
Was R450 Now R400 Click here


Buy TWO for R120 or ONE for R80
Click here


Buy TWO for R80 or ONE for R60
Click here

Monocentropus balfour- Socotra Island Blue Baboon.
2cm. 5 Left. Was R380 Now R300. Click here

Poecilotheria ornata – Fringed ornamental
4cm R100 Click here

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25 Jan

2017 Valentine’s specials – for the romantic, the sombre and the blue

What kind of flowers do you never give on Valentine’s Day? Cauliflowers!

But you can give a Tarantula just for the sake of being different.

How about a soft fluffy Pink toe?

Antilles pinktoe tarantula – Avicularia versicolor (Click here)
1.5cm R280

a. versi

Pinktoe tarantula- Avicularia avicularia (Click here).
1.5cm R 180


As usual we always have the cute spiders with the heart on their bum.

We call them valintinies because they are so small.
Cyriocosmus perezmilesi – Bolivian Dwarf Beauty  (Click here)
2cm- R160


Cyriocosmus sp Rio Nanay (Click here)
3cm- R160


Not into valentines day? Get something as black as your soul!

Mexican Black Velvet- Brachypelma schroederi (Click here)


Or get a Halloween spider just to boycott the system.

Ephebopus murinus- Skeleton tarantula (Click here)
2cm – R400

15873395_1292273697462407_9003330794076754673_ne murinus cartoon

Feeling a bit blue, these will lighten your mood!


Poecilotheria Metalica- Gooty Sapphire Ornamental (Click here)
2cm R400

Monocentropus balfouri – Socotra Island Blue Baboon (Click here)

Processed by: Helicon Filter;

Since India has 1.252 billion people, they must know a thing or two about love making, this spider can teach you the way of his people!

Poecilotheria regalis- Indian Ornamental (Click here)
1.5cm R120

P regalis 04

If you don’t have a date for valentines day… that’s fine, just remember spiders like being alone too. 

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10 Dec

Scarce Black Velvet just in time for Christmas!

Brachypelma schroederi
R380 (-15% if your basket has three or more items, coupon code BVELVET)

snapseedThis is a very scarce Brachypelma sp. not always available in SA. This is a medium size tarantula which is easy to care for and they are good beginner spiders. However its a must have for the experienced keeper as well! They have a shiny black colour after a molt and look different to other Brachypelma sp. Truly stunning spiders! I’m definitely keeping a few for myself.snapseed110z8ves





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30 Nov

More Holiday CHEER!

Coupon time!

1. Please write in the note section when checking out which coupon you’d like.

Coupon 1: FREE 1.5cm Mexican True red leg
Coupon 2: FREE 2cm Mexican red rump
Coupon 3: FREE 2cm Red and White Bird eater
Coupon 4: FREE 2cm Chaco golden knee
Coupon 5: 5% Discount
2. You have to have at least two tarantulas or one starter kit in your cart in order to use this coupon.

img_2319BUY ONE FOR R80ea

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23 Nov

Announcing Santa’s Little Helpers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Have you been a good girl or boy? Or know one? Then good news – it is our end-of-year sale where you get to choose between 4 spiders or a cart discount of 5%.

Be more creative this year than soap and a rope, socks or ties !!! Get something your person would get excited about. Tarantulas are unique and easy to look after –  far more interesting than a DVD. Kids and adults love seeing their new pet tarantula grow into a giant fluffy!
Here are the T&C’s:

1. Please write in the note section when checking out which coupon you’d like.
Coupon 1: FREE 1.5cm Mexican True red leg
Coupon 2: FREE 2cm Mexican red rump
Coupon 3: FREE 2cm Red and White Bird eater
Coupon 4: FREE 2cm Chaco golden knee
Coupon 5: 5% Discount

2. You have to have at least two tarantulas or one starter kit in your cart in order to use this coupon.

We have fantastic starter kits that makes the gift just so much more exciting…

Want an awesome low maintenance pet. Get one of our tarantula starter kits. Click here

This kit includes the following:
-1x tarantula (choose one tarantula from the list below)
-1x small tank (70x70x70)
– live food
-1x peat small
-1x Gel
Choose any of the following tarantulas
– Golden red rump 1cm
– Chaco golden knee 2cm
– Mexican True Red Leg 1.5cm
– Chilean Rose 2cm

G Pulchripes 01ARKive image GES018206 - Mexican redleg tarantulaG Rosea 03b. aLBICEPS

We also have the bigger spider (juvenile) starter kit (Click here)

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18 Oct

The versicolor is back

Avicularia versicolor – Antilles Pinktoe (Click here).
R280- 1.5cm

a. versiThe Antilles Pink toe Tarantula has to be one of the most beautiful tarantula species in the world. When the spiderlings hatch out, they are a brilliant blue color, and by the time they reach adult coloration they become covered in metallic reds, greens, and purples. The photo above shows the adult coloration. It is a docile yet skittish species that can be quick to run if disturbed. This still does not eliminate it from the beginners’ category. These colorful tarantulas create strong webs in tree bark in the wild, and they will do the same in captivity if provided with branches or cork bark.

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19 Sep

The calm before the (end-of-year) storm


Cyriocosmus elegans – Trinidad Dwarf Tiger 1cm. 1 LEFT
Was 220 Now 160. CLICK HERE

c eligance

Cyriocosmus perezmilesi – Bolivian Dwarf Beauty. 1cm. 5 LEFT
Was 220 Now 160. CLICK HERE


Cyriopagopus sp. Hati Hati 1.5cm. 5 LEFT
Was R350 Now 300 CLICK HERE

c hati hati 3

Lampropelma violaceopes- Singapore blue 4/5cm 5 LEFT
Was R320 Now 250 CLICK HERE

Singapore blue

Cobalt Blue Tarantula – Haplopelma lividum 6cm. 2 LEFT
Was 620 Now 550. CLICK HERE

cobalt blue 2

Poecilotheria Metalica- Gooty Sapphire Ornamental. 3cm
Was R450 Now R400 CLICK HERE


Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli – Wessel’s Tiger Ornamental, 3cm, SOLD OUT.
Was R250 Now R220 CLICK HERE

Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli Smith 2006, female, India

Poecilotheria Fasciata- Sri Lankan Ornamental, 3cm, 2 LEFT.
Was R200 Now R120. CLICK HERE

p. fasiata 1

Pamphobeteus machala- Purple bloom Tarantula, 3-4cm, 5 LEFT

purple bloom 1

Chilobrachys fimbriatus- Indian Violet, 2cm, 1 LEFT.
Was 220 Now 180. CLICK HERE


Thrixopelma ockerti – Peruvian Flame Rump. 3cm, 4 LEFT 3 LEFT.
Was R150 Now R120. CLICK HERE


Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens- Green Bottle Blue, 2cm. 5 LEFT  1 LEFT
Was R250 Now R200. CLICK HERE

C cyaneopubescens 02


Orphnaecus sp “Marinduque purple” M Light Purple. 4cm. 4 LEFT


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