We won’t be handling your banking details in any stage of an order. The only methods of payment at Rozzer’s Tarantulas are EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and cash on pickup. Only when we’ve received the funds will an order be cleared.
Thus your details are safe with us, as we won’t be having them //(|”|)\\


Because it is awesome!
Okay, so you want more reasons? First off – safety. A lot can go wrong in penning the correct address, order and the amount of money. With the online system, all of this is automated.
Secondly – communication. You’ll be able to see how far we are in processing your order. We can add notes in the order process to let you know if something happened. You’ll be notified through your e-mail account, or you can just log in into your Rozzer’s Tarantulas profile. If you contact us through  you can also ask for your order to be changed.
Thirdly – coupons and discounts. We give discounts for frequent buyers. Now and then we also give away online coupons to be used on the website. We normally post the coupons on our blog posts or on our Twitter/Facebook accounts.
Lastly – convenience. Want to change an order? Add more stuff? Remove some? Before you do a checkout, all of this is possible. The set up of your account is straight forward, the ordering and checkout process also.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on a tarantula species, or an accessory.
  3. The product’s page will then be opened. Most of the species has different sizes available, select the size you want from the drop-down list.
  4. There is a number surrounded by a + and – sign. You can edit here how much you want. By clicking on “Add to cart”, this item will then be added to your online cart.
  5. After that, a “View Cart” button will then appear for your online session.
  6. When you’re finished selecting all the items you’ll like to buy, click on “View Cart”.
  7. The next page will show you all the items that are in your cart. From here you can delete or change items. If you’ve got a coupon, you can apply the coupon from there. You can select your shipping method and your order total will be duly updated on changing it.
  8. Clicking “Proceed to Checkout” will take you to the Checkout page. The checkout page will ask you for your billing and your shipping address.
    You can also select your payment method from here. Note that only collections qualify for the Cash On Pickup option.
  9. When you click on “Place Order” your order is then placed. You’ll also receive a confirmation email.
  10. The order will be cancelled if no payment is received within 7 working days.

Some of you’ve asked how to order and how does postage work. We’d like to expound on it for you – just so that you know what is going on. And because we like you //(|”|)\\

  1.  We use a very reliable courier overnight services.
  2. It is a door to door service so we need the street address where you are during the day.
  3. Postage is R100.
  4. Once the money is shown in  our  account then we book the courier.
  5. We will send you the waybill number which you can track online at
  6. You will receive the package within one day.
  7. No tarantulas will be shipped to the Western Cape.



We are not a retail store – that is, if you just pitch to pick your goods then the risk is real that you’ll find no-one here!

So, collections are by appointment only.

We are situated in Westdene, JHB, close to Melville and the University of Johannesburg (Auckland Park Kingsway campus). Email Rozanné at


Not all glass tanks are transportable. Please make sure that the tanks you’re ordering is able to be shipped through courier.
The following glass tanks can be shipped through courier:
S 70x70x70
S Arboreal 70x70x150
S+ 100x100x100


If you want to order roaches or worms, please pre-order them a day  before you collect them.

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