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EarthPro-StickyFoot Gold is a brand new and all natural food specifically designed for Crested, Giant and Gargoyle Geckos. It can also be used to feed many species of Phelsuma ‘Day Geckos’. This is a rich and wholesome whole powdered diet that is simply mixed with cool water.

EarthPro-StickyFoot Gold contains what we believe is the perfect balance of 5 species of Insect including Calciworms and Silk worms and contains Hibiscus flowers alongside a Probiotic to help ensure digestive health. EarthPro-StickyFootGold contains full spectrum minerals, vitamins, our full spectrum carotenoid and has added Magnesium to help maintain strong bones fruits (Papaya, Banana, Apple, Raspberry and Blue Berry), Flowers, Bee Pollen and Real Honey.

These amazing Reptiles need to be fed a full and varied diet, EarthPro-StickyFootGold will help you to provide this as an easy to use daily feed. EarthPro-StickyFoot Gold is the ‘Gold standard’ for our sticky footed friends.

This diet is nutritious enough to be fed every day but it it always recommended to feed fresh, gutloaded live food to your gecko alongside. Scientific studies have shown that geckos’ diets are made up of lots of insects. Hunting for bugs also allows your gecko to use natural behaviours.

Easy to use.
High Insect content.
High levels of nutritious fruits and flowers.
Bee Pollen, Honey and Pre and Pro-Biotics.
Can be frozen and thawed as required.
Use JellyPot Gold to add further variety.

How to use

Mix with cool water at 2 – 3 parts water to one part StickyFoot Gold as required. Remove uneaten food daily. Can be sealed and stored in the fridge or frozen.

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