18 Oct

The versicolor is back

Avicularia versicolor – Antilles Pinktoe (Click here).
R280- 1.5cm

a. versiThe Antilles Pink toe Tarantula has to be one of the most beautiful tarantula species in the world. When the spiderlings hatch out, they are a brilliant blue color, and by the time they reach adult coloration they become covered in metallic reds, greens, and purples. The photo above shows the adult coloration. It is a docile yet skittish species that can be quick to run if disturbed. This still does not eliminate it from the beginners’ category. These colorful tarantulas create strong webs in tree bark in the wild, and they will do the same in captivity if provided with branches or cork bark.

Cyriopagopus sp. Hati Hati 1.5cm. 3 LEFT
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c hati hati 3

Monocentropus balfouri – Socotra Island Blue Baboon, 3cm, 3 LEFT.
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Pamphobeteus machala- Purple bloom Tarantula, 3-4cm, 5 LEFT

purple bloom 1

Chilobrachys fimbriatus- Indian Violet, 2cm, 1 LEFT.
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lobster roaches

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meal worms

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This kit includes the following:
-1x tarantula (choose one tarantula from the list below)
-1x small tank (70x70x70)
– live food
-1x peat small
-1x Gel
Choose any of the following tarantulas
– Golden red rump 1cm
– Chaco golden knee 2cm
– Mexican True Red Leg 1.5cm
-Chilean Rose 2cm

G Pulchripes 01ARKive image GES018206 - Mexican redleg tarantulaG Rosea 03b. aLBICEPS

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